Tech Tips

When you see black around the cuticle

Don’t panic! The base coat acts like double-sided tape. So, if you have excess base coat around the cuticles, they will collect debris over time just like anything sticky would. Remember, the base coat cannot be removed with water, so even if you washed your hands soon after your self-applied manicure the sticky base coat is still there. You just don’t see it. Simply rub the “black” sticky area and it will roll up and come off.

Fix it!

So now that you have experienced this… this is how you keep it from happening. Apply the base coat just short of the cuticle area and make sure the color coating covers all the base material you applied.

Nail Strength and When to Peel

The beauty of Color Me’s peelable innovation is how gentle it can be on the natural nails. If you have weak or thin nail beds you should not be using this product. However, if you are sailing along and loving your self-applied manicure try not to peel the coating in the first few days. The material makes a very tight bond in the curing process and continues to harden after the curing cycle so allow a couple of days for the flexibility to set in before trying to peel and move on to your next color.

Why everyone wears differently

For many reasons we see a consistent inconsistency in how people wear nail coatings. Whether it is your natural Ph balance, your water intake, or just how much you do with your hands in your busy life, some products just work better on some people. While we hope this product works well for you and you love it, if you are looking for a 14 day wear like you would see in the salon, it is unlikely. Here are some tips on how to get better performance out of your self-applied manicure.

Fix it!

Good prep work, buff, and dehydrator! Materials stick better to things that have a rough surface.

Lifting or chipping

Some will see chipping or lifting at the free edge of the finger nail.

Fix it!

If you see this, try to adjust your base application on the next manicure, don’t bring the base coat all the way to the free edge, stop short and allow the color coating to come in contact with the natural nail in that area. You can do the same around the cuticle area if that’s where you see premature failure. In some “lifting” cases you can just push the coating back down and it will stick temporarily.

One nail bandit

Once in a blue moon, for no reason, you may lose one random nail coating on one finger. Where it goes…who knows? Just reapply.

Color shrinkage

If you see a color pulling away from the edges in the first coating this is okay. The second coat will cover this and not shrink.


For best results, store at room temperature and keep in areas unexposed to light. Keep caps closed when not in use.