The Brand

Color Me Cosmetics' passion is to connect women through our shared stories and the colors that inspire them. Color is the expression that ignites our inner beauty and empowers our confidence to let it shine.

The brand is built on integrity and honest marketing. It has been our mission to provide women with technologies that make looking good and feeling good seamlessly fit in with realistic lifestyles. You are busy... we get it. 

Rapid Release's unique patent-pending polymers allow this innovative film to protect the natural nail in the removal process of a gel polish coating. This film safeguards the nails from damage typically found with traditional gels when they are soaked, filed or scraped off by salons or picked off by home users.

It is time for technology to catch up with what women really want! Nail coating systems have not provided the convenience to fit our busy schedules... until now.  


What women want in gel nail polish