Dear Self

Dear Self,

I write this letter to my 18-year-old self. I am the older, wiser version of you now. Firstly, I want to let you know that you are beautiful. I know you may not believe this, as compliments can make you feel awkward. You feel unsure about the future and what direction your life will take. This is normal: relax and breathe. You want everything to happen immediately, for your lack patience; trust me, it will all come together. I want to be honest with you, the road and days ahead are not going to be easy. Some days you will lack the mental and physical strength to pull yourself out of bed. Not only will you question yourself, but so will others. Hurtful things will be said and done to you, but with every day you will grow stronger. At times you will ask, "who am I, and when will I find myself?" Being tested will have you digging deep to find courage you never realized you had. These years of trial and tribulation will build character, and this is what will make you uniquely you. 

Be kind to yourself. Get comfortable in your own skin, as you will need to be your own cheerleader at times. Bump into yourself now and then; you will be surprised at what an amazing person you are! Stay humble and keep helping and caring for others, you have a big heart. Surround yourself with a good support system, as these are the people that build you back up. Find the things you love, and then do them. Invest the time to build your self-worth, and you will be worth a fortune to others. 

Most of all take time to experience life and live in the moment, as you will never get those moments back. In 30 years, you will make no excuses for the person you have become, and you will be perfect...imperfections, and all!



Dear Self Color

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